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About Al-Qurtas Islamic Bank

The bank was established on March 2017 by the approval of the central bank of Iraq according to the official letter numbered 3/9/3395 dated 06/03/2017 with a capital of 250 billion Iraqi dinars and baghdad (Nadhumya, hay Babil, Region 925, building no.457) was taken as it’s general management headquarters.

And within the achievements of the previous strategic plan for the years (2018-2020), Geographical expansion was established and two new branches were opened, one of which is in one of the most commercially vital areas (Al Shorja, Al Rasheed St.) and the second branch is in our dear province who possesses prosperity and security stability (Erbil, Iskan, building No.5, Region 111, alley 65).
With our aspirations to open multiple branches in other northern and southern provinces such as ( Sulaymaniyah, Najaf and Zakho).

The bank aims to provide all the banking and financial operations in all its branches according to the islamic shariah laws in order to contribute to the national economic development according to the available resources.


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