Vision & Mission


Al-Qurtas Islamic Bank for Investment and Finance aspires to be the leader in the Iraqi banking market, by providing the best integrated modern banking services in the easiest ways, in record time, with transparency, credibility, and high performance to wide segments of society with the aim of contributing to achieving sustainable economic development.


Al-Qurtas Islamic Bank for Investment and Finance seeks to become a major bank in the field of banking services by providing services to all segments of Iraqi society and enhancing the importance of shareholders through well-thought-out financial management and facilitating banking services for individuals and companies. The customer. Al-Qurtas Islamic Bank, is working to serve you.

Our Core Values

Our heritage spans more than two decades of investing in communities, people and the industries we serve. We are an Islamic banking institution, provided with a strong financial structure and a visionary management, in addition to a loyal and growing customer and correspondent banking base. Our most important values include: Trust, Integrity, Respect, Responsibility.

Objectives of Al-Qurtas Islamic Bank

Our bank seeks to achieve a set of economic and social goals in accordance with the principles of Islamic Sharia and to achieve the Islamic approach in financial transactions to contribute to the comprehensive development of society and this is done through:

  1. Make a profit.
  2. Attracting and growing deposits.
  3. Seek to work in a safe and risk-free environment.
  4. Human resource development.

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