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1- Issuing internal letters of guarantee for the order of our bank customers, individuals and companies, and all government agencies benefiting them without exception, according to the controls and instructions of the Central Bank of Iraq and the Iraqi Trade Law.
2- Financing small and medium projects supported by the Central Bank of Iraq for all projects produced and supporting the Iraqi economy, primarily industrial, agricultural and educational projects, health services and some commercial and residential projects.
3- Funding large projects, which provides a great opportunity to employ the Iraqi workers and supports major investors, traders and industrialists in promoting their projects.
4- Effective contribution to investing capital for all types of projects.
Our bank receives all citizens ’requests and undertakes their study and evaluation. After that, the decision to approve or reject the customer’s request is in the best interest of the bank and the currency and in accordance with the provisions of Islamic Sharia.

Joining Fee FREEFREE
Principal Annual Fees FREEFREE
Supplementary Annual Fees FREEFREE
Cash Advance Fees 3% of the cash amount (min 200 Dinar)3% of the cash amount (min 200 Dinar)
Over Limit Fees 300 Dinar300 Dinar
Card Replacement Fees 50 Dinar50 Dinar
Airport lounge access NoYes
Value House Killer Deals YesYes
Value House Benefits YesYes

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