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Starting from the pioneering role of Al Qurtas Islamic Bank in providing electronic services, the bank performs an external cash transfer using the global SWIFT system, which enables customers and non-customers to have the ability to transfer cash to different countries of the world through the simplest procedures where the SWIFT service enables cash transfer through the customer Going to any branch of the Islamic Qurtas Bank, to fill in the transfer request explaining the reason for the transfer and the country to be transferred to and according to the mechanism of the Central Bank of Iraq after the bank verifies all the documents submitted by the customer (individual or company) and obtain the approvals The private interior for the purpose of accepting the transfer and determining its path through correspondent and sober banks and transferring them to any country in the world as soon as possible after deduction of the commission set for the bank

When transferring any transfer through the SWIFT system of the Islamic Qurtas Bank, please ensure that the following are held:
1- Your account number with the Islamic Qurtas Bank.
2- The beneficiary’s full name, postal address and account number.

Beneficiary bank information:
1- International bank account number (IBAN) or account number.
2- Sorting code / Swift / Bank ID of the bank or intermediary bank.
3- Purpose of payment.
4- The name of the bank receiving the transfer.

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