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Current accounts

It is a service provided by the bank by accepting and maintaining as trustworthy money deposited by clients and any profits are not added to it and it includes the current (individuals / companies) currency (dinar / dollar) and provides the customer with a checkbook so that he can withdraw his money any time he needs cash.

Term deposits

They are sums that are held and booked for an agreed period of time, such as being months or a year, and profits are given twice a year, i.e. if the deposit ends, you must wait until the date of distribution of the profits if they are achieved.

Money transfer

Starting from the pioneering role of Al Qurtas Islamic Bank in providing electronic services, the bank performs an external cash transfer using the global SWIFT system, which enables customers and non-customers to have the ability to transfer cash to different countries of the world through the simplest procedures where the SWIFT service enables cash transfer through the customer Going to any branch of the Islamic Qurtas Bank, to fill in the transfer request explaining the reason for the transfer and the country to be transferred to and according to the mechanism of the Central Bank of Iraq after the bank verifies all the documents submitted by the customer (individual or company) and obtain the approvals The private interior for the purpose of accepting the transfer and determining its path through correspondent and sober banks and transferring them to any country in the world as soon as possible after deduction of the commission set for the bank

Ach & rtgs

Banking instruments (ACH) and (RTGS) internal transfers through payment tools

There are several ways to send internal transfers (inside Iraq) in the RTGS system:
1- A transfer between a bank and another bank: It is a transfer between internal banks, and it depends heavily on the IBAN of any bank and specifies the amount to be transferred and the bank to send the transfer to.
2- Transfer between the bank and the central bank: It is a transfer between the bank and another bank, but the central bank is the intermediary bank between them. Also, the transfer can be sent between the sending bank and the central bank and without the need for IBAN or account number.
3- Transfer between several banks: It is a transfer sent from the bank to more than one bank at one time and one transfer.

Personal loan

Documentary Credits: It is one of the banking services provided by Al Qurtas Islamic Bank, as it is the basis of the international commercial movement (import – export) throughout the world and the credit is implemented through a network of the best correspondents for banks around the world.

Bank cards

1- Issuing internal letters of guarantee for the order of our bank customers, individuals and companies, and all government agencies benefiting them without exception, according to the controls and instructions of the Central Bank of Iraq and the Iraqi Trade Law.
2- Financing small and medium projects supported by the Central Bank of Iraq for all projects produced and supporting the Iraqi economy, primarily industrial, agricultural and educational projects, health services and some commercial and residential projects.
3- Funding large projects, which provides a great opportunity to employ the Iraqi workers and supports major investors, traders and industrialists in promoting their projects.
4- Effective contribution to investing capital for all types of projects.
Our bank receives all citizens ’requests and undertakes their study and evaluation. After that, the decision to approve or reject the customer’s request is in the best interest of the bank and the currency and in accordance with the provisions of Islamic Sharia.


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