Current Accounts

Current accounts

It is a service provided by the bank by accepting and maintaining as trustworthy money deposited by clients and any profits are not added to it and it includes the current (individuals / companies) currency (dinar / dollar) and provides the customer with a checkbook so that he can withdraw his money any time he needs cash.
Accounts payable by the bank are open to its customers under an agreement between the parties, their owners are entitled to deposit and withdraw from the unconditional account and are allowed to use checks and settle the account. The bank shall pay all or part of the amount to the account holder upon request. In terms of legitimacy, and thus ensuring the return of the case if it is undermined if the bank invests these funds and the risk of investment and not depositors.
It is possible to open accounts of this type for the benefit of individuals (the natural person), individually or collectively, individual companies and companies of all kinds, various organizations such as societies, unions, clubs, cooperative and charitable societies, religious and cultural organizations, etc.
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