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Baghdad – Head-Quartar
No. 457, H ay Babil Bldg., 10-Region 925,
Nadhumya Rd., Baghdad-Iraq

Baghdad – Shorija branch
No. 1/51,Next to CBI Bldg., Al Rasheed St., Shorjah., Baghdad-Iraq

Erbil – Erbil branch
Building No. 5, Iskan, Erbil, Iraq

Is a bank account that is opened based on the customer’s request for a specified period of months or years, and the bank pays interest on these deposits. And the customer has the privilege to withdraw the amount before the end of its determined period, but the customer loses the right to obtain profits.

It includes the principal of the deposit and profit, where the bank does not guarantee the original and is conditional at a specified rate, but the bank’s role as an agent of the depositor vis-a-vis the users has money and it includes two types of agency:

  1. An agency that has an authorization from the depositor to invest deposits in any project.
  2. An agency in which the applicant is restricted by investing deposits in specific projects (earmarked deposits)

Before traveling to foreign countries, you convert the dinar to any currency you need. We cover 15 major currency exchanges.

  • Buying and selling.
  • Supported currencies – US Dollar, pound Sterling, Euro, Sterling Dollar, Canadian Dollar.
  • Reducing the risk of carrying cash in multiple currencies.
  • Competitive exchange rates and processing fees.

When transferring any transfer through the SWIFT system of Al-Qurtas Islamic Bank please ensure that you are in possession of the following:

  • Your account number at Al-Qurtas Bank.
  • Beneficiary’s full name, postal address, and account number.

Beneficiary bank information

  • International Bank Account Number(IBAN) or account number.
  • Stitching code / SWIFT / Bank ID of the bank or intermediary bank.
  • Purpose of payment.
  • The name of the bank receiving the transfer.
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